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Headline Sponsors for 2018

Our headline sponsors make the event cost neutral, meaning every penny raised by you charging into the sea is used where its needed most.

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9.45 am

Let’s start at the beginning with the need to know information. Simply put, we need you! Join us on our charge into the sea on Christmas Day morning at 10:30am (registration from 9.45) and help us to raise £50,000 for Macmillan Caring Locally. Yes we may be crazy, but it would be crazier not to join in the fun!

The 2017 dip was a  big one for us all at HQ, we celebrated our 10th anniversary, but that's not reason not to keep growing! Why not drag your friends/ family and jsut about anyone you know to join inthe fun and co-ordinate your outfits to #themeyourteam.

This year the organisers have decided to put the funds raised towards the Brick by Brick appeal, the fund Macmillan Caring Locally are raising for their re-build. The current buidling is tired and bursting at the seams so they need a larger facility to help all those who really need it. We would love everyone to setup a Just-Giving page, a secure way to collect sponsorship and raise a minimum of £50.00 (wich in itself is not a life changing amount), if we have 1,000 dippers with 1,000 sponsorship pages, we'll have £50,000, now that is a life changing amount! 

To make it even easier, you can set up a Just Giving page where you can collect donations  HERE... Don’t forget this is shareable on social media too – just tag us in your mentions so that we can give you a shout out. (Facebook: @Whitechristmasdip Twitter: @Whitexmasdip).

We are so proud that over the 10 years we have been dipping we’ve raised in excess of £170,000 for the Macmillan Unit in Christchurch Hospital, which has helped so many people in our local area who need specialist palliative care.

Macmillan Caring Locally is not connected or affiliated with the national charities Cancer Research or Macmillan Cancer Support. The local Unit provides specialist palliative care to patients with advanced, progressive, incurable illnesses with complex symptoms. For more information on this, visit our Why We Do It page.

Taking in some sea air and building up your appetite for that epic roast dinner is the best way to start your Christmas Day. Why not join 1,000 of us and charge into the sea and raise money for this amazing cause. You know you want to!

Take a look at our previous years photos/ videos for some costume inspiration and start getting your team together now! #themeyourteam!.. Image Gallery Here

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