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Headline Sponsors Needed for 2018

Without our sponsors the event couldn't be cost neutral, meaning every penny raised by you charging into the sea is used where its needed most.

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With Christmas fast approaching, people signing up daily, we are still hoping to hit 500 people joining us in the sea on Christmas day, at the minute its looking like a big ask, still need over 300 people! Please spread the word, and do something different this Christmas Day!

We have had mentions in many local publications, inlcluding:- 

-The Game Magazine

-Bournemouth Echo

-Bournemouth Advertiser

-Do More Magazine

-Bournemouth Rock and many more!

Thank you to all of the above for your continued support, without your support the event would not be where we are today, so thanks!

Once again I urge you to tell your friends about this family friendly event, get them all involved, and don't forget, set up your just-giving account.