2015's White Christmas Dip

I speak about Christmas with caution, its still a while off, but it feels like it's quickly approaching! All the organising is now sorted, we have our trusty Southbourne Surf Lifesavers looking after us again this year, Thank you to your ongoing support! So that's the paperwork done, which is no mean feat in its-self, leaving a more exciting part to go... the build up and the talking about the dip, of which we enjoy quite a bit! We've managed to team up with some great local companies, who have more than covered the costs of running this event and leaves some money for marketing and still a sizeable donation to the charity.  Please take some time to have a look at our sponsors page, without them we wouldn't be at the stage we are today and the dip would not be raising the amount it does annually!

Without a shadow of doubt the biggest target this year is to ensure people create a Just-Giving page, over the years we have seen an increase of people making online donation pages, but the percentage is still low, we really need to improve it, so our mission this year is to get over 25% creating a Just-Giving page and actively sharing their pages on social media with friends, family & work colleagues. If you've signed up please take the time to create a Just-Giving page, it only takes a few minutes, is secure & the money is paid instantly by your sponsors and in turn transferred to Macmillan Caring Locally, saving you a job of chasing your sponsorship's (which can be a nightmare!).

Don't forget, if you're brave enough to join in, sign up today!


Don't Fancy A Dip?

You can still help...

Please consider donating to the Macmillan Brick By Brick appeal directly through the link below. Also consider coming  down to Boscombe Pier on the day to witness the dip for yourself and to support the dippers.

Donate Without Dipping

The White Christmas Dip is a fundraising event for Macmillan Caring Locally

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